What are California girls like? How are they compared to other American girls?

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California girls all pretty and fun!!
June 3, 2010 9:50am CST
Hello guys!! I got inspired by the song "California Girls" by Katy Perry and I was so inspired that I wish I was honestly 1. I think that among women, they are smart, beautiful, hot, well-tanned, know how to party and have a great time and at the same time nice. But then my friend who is from California told me that If I were one he will definitely not talk to me since he can't stand them for the most part!! So come on!! I want to know your opinions. Please tell me what you think they are like?!
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@zemma1992 (126)
• Portugal
27 Jul 10
I think they are smart, beautiful, hot and well tanned just like you described them, and a lot of people agree with me on that, and it's what you see on TV, but I've got to agree with your friend even thought i haven't had the pleasure of meeting a Californian girl yet, i do believe that many of them are probably shallow. Either that, or your friend being Californian is so used to them that doesn't give them much value, but i do believe many of them are really interesting, because when you turn on your TV that's who you see achieving stuff, beauty contests, etc
• Philippines
6 Aug 10
Hello! Thanks so much for that. At least I was able to get an honest opinion from someone else. It does clear a lot of things that i have been willing to ask. Well I guess you are right about my friend. He is Californian and maybe used to it. It's funny coz now that u mention it. I do remember one of my friends say that the things he sees on tv are so true with what he sees in america for real! Way to go. lol