Is Michael Jackson Forgotten?

United States
June 3, 2010 7:48pm CST
Is Michael Jackson forgotten? After big tributes right after his death there seems to be little about Michael jackson. He was one of the greatest icons ever. The work he did is transcending. Michael Jacksons works can cross any median, culture and technology. Its music you can play in the elevator like Librarian Girl and Lady in My Life. It music to dance to and music to be inspired by. There is music to teach and music for kids. There is music that is Hip Hop, music that are sillouette ballads. Is his questions about his criminality of abusing little boys clouding his legacy? I dont see alot of sampling by other artist. I dont see people pushing his dance moves or his humanitirain causes. Where is his Heal The World foundation? Where are hey? What are they doing? The Estate executors are doing a pretty good job handling his money but what about his legacy?
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• United States
12 Jun 10
i dont think michael jackson could ever be forgotten. he is at the same level s the likes of bob marley and elvis presley. ALL this music icons had there dark sides but all still remain in the memories of alot of people even those that were not born during their time.
• United States
26 Jun 10
The Mystery of Michael Jackson will continue to rise. Where did he get he vision from? How did he think about what dance moves to use? How much was talent come from mecurial father or was it a true blaze of God, sent give a Christ like vision to a world filled with hate? Was he guilty or innocent of child molestation? As we continue to hear from those around him and his family about who the man was. A better overall picture is beginning to emerge.
@urbandekay (18306)
4 Jun 10
Who? all the best urban
@kooltiger (851)
• Pakistan
4 Jun 10
he can never be forgotten.. because legends live for ever... he is the trend setter.. i m not a really big fan of him but i really watch his type of dance when ever i get an opportunity..
@chanlot (190)
• Indonesia
4 Jun 10
I personally will never forget michael jackson, he was a pep in my life. I always listen to the songs belong to me michael jackson wherever located. Perhaps before any replacement is equivalent to michael jackson, he will remain a figure lengendaris. But I think it is difficult to find a great artist like him
@jond3d (1)
4 Jun 10
How can you forget a legend!!! He is the man. You know its true that his music and his talent can changed people lives. And I take my self as an example. He changed my Life.:)
@wbm777 (18)
4 Jun 10
MJ won't be forgotten,and know I will miss him more,did you know that he was killed,not but his doctor but other people?I don't know if you can post links in this site,but if you go to youtube and type "Why michael jackson was killed"you would know the truth about everything in this corrupted world...