30 sec wish...

June 4, 2010 3:49am CST
hello mylotters, suppose you got an magic lamp burried in your garden.when you rub that lamp an gin emerges out of it and ask you to demand any 1 wish and that too within 30 seconds.what would you then ask.i would ask him to explain me the funda(concept) of life,that is ,for what purpose we are here on the earth. let me know what would be your 30 second wish. happy mylotting.
2 responses
• Canada
4 Jun 10
I have previously put a lot of thought into this. If given the chance, I would wish to be able to entirely understand (speak, write, read) every language on earth at will. I think it would be the most useful thing to wish for.
• South Korea
4 Jun 10
i WOULD ask him to show me how i will die... or To give me a magic that will last forever..haha i know im so wise:p