How to get good money from net.

@opsharma (318)
June 4, 2010 11:29am CST
Is there any way to earn money fast? I would like to know.
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@ptcop3 (1)
• India
21 Oct 10
Absolutly No. There are no such site.
@2EarnMoney2 (1163)
• United States
4 Jun 10
w/out investment of money, quick quality amount of money isn't realistic. With minor (under $100) investment, a few hundred profit is possible few different ways with some knowledge of the field/area. In a rather short amount of time (30-60days). W/out being a huge risk of investment. If your just looking for a chance at decent money in short time, there is all sorts of bad gambling and sweepstakes you can do online, some free and others with small investment. But you should just play scratch offs at that point if your not willing to do the research. If you want to earn money on the net, don't bother looking for the "home run" of idea's. Be realistic, find something you really enjoy doing and explore the surrounding area's online. Key point if it's online, you can make money in one form or another doing it somehow. How much money all depends on your abilities to do it on a regular basis and the biggest factor for that is the fun you experience doing it.
• United States
4 Jun 10
• United States
4 Jun 10
Good money from online takes time, you will not make it fast, I have just started back a month ago, and I hate to say it but $20 in the first month isn't much but its something, its more then what I had before. You have to put plenty of time into making money online, and it takes time for your earnings to grow from $10 a month or even $20 a month to $200 or more a month.
@wiggles18 (2523)
• Canada
4 Jun 10
Not fast, but you can earn a little bit of cash here and there online. I would reccomend joining a site called readbud, you get paid like 5-10 cents for each small article you read and rate. Also, I would suggest writing on freelance writings sites, especially triond.