Fake Copy of Windows 7 on a brand new computer?

United States
June 7, 2010 1:27pm CST
I've had my laptop for about 4 months i bought it from a Radio Shack and it had been working fine but about a week ago it starts saying that the copy of Windows 7 was fake so I went and downloaded a real copy but my computer isn't responding to it at all any ideas why?
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@Jankar (583)
• Philippines
25 Jun 10
I guess when you went online, having a few windows update, will detect your OS if they are fake. Automatically, Microsoft will disable your OS and that is such a trouble. Unless you know how to reformat your pc/laptop yourself, you really have to refer to an expert technician on pc's in order to solve your problem.
@vivekrumy (147)
• India
12 Jun 10
why dont you contact the radio shack people ?? this is sad ,. how can they provide fake copies of windows 7, you have paid for that OS and you should get the original copy..
@JSKunou (55)
• United States
8 Jun 10
Wow, how odd. You should go to Radio Shack and complain, regardless of your warranty expiring. If they sold you a fake copy of Windows, than I'm sure you can complain and even try to sue them. You can't install a real copy? Did you try pressing F12 after turning it on or restarting your computer? You know, if your computer came with a disk called "Recovery Disk" or something similar, you could return the "real copy" for your money back. If no disk, check if your D drive is named something like "Recovery Partition" (usually, HP computers have that). What this Recovery Disk (or partition from your hard drive) does is reinstall Windows to its factory settings. By doing so, it also deletes all of your stuff. If you're able to reinstall Windows, the next thing I'd do is NOT install a Windows update that checks if your copy of Windows is "legit". Clearly, if you bought it from Radio Shack and not a 2nd-hand place, your copy SHOULD be legit, but if you still got screwed, I'd suggest NOT installing some Windows Updates. I rarely visit myLot, but if you need more help, go to my site and look for my email. I'll be glad to help. It's like a hobby of mine trying to fix Windows problems. :)
• Malaysia
7 Jun 10
wow...i didn't know an established place like Radio Shack has fake versions of windows
@wiggles18 (2506)
• Canada
7 Jun 10
I have not had a good experience with radio shack and computers. 2 laptops were bought from the, different makes. One crashed because of a faulty hard drive. The other has some pirated versions of microsoft word and powerpoint, that werent activated. I have noticed a lot of computer places, even small local ones, are using fake copies, and not verifying them to windows. At least that is what I notice around my area. That is why you are best to custom build your own computer. That way you know exactly what is going into it.