I am now using Linux Ubuntu

June 8, 2010 4:03pm CST
Yeah, it sucks really. but i don't have a choice since my brother didn't want my pc getting another round of viruses. any advice where i can get softwares for downloading music and videos. not to mention convert my old games into this OS. all i do is internet and watch videos in youtube. i feel that am gonna get bored within the next few months. Have a great day
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• Philippines
9 Jun 10
That system sucks. We used it here in the office and we have to read a book just to be able to get the terms use there. And I can't do mylotting during Linux days. Yes they said that when you want your computer free from viruses use Linux, but it sucks because I don't understand it that is why I hate it.
@Miner49r (568)
• United States
1 Aug 10
Greycychunny, What release of Ubuntu are you using? ... I am using Lucid 10.4 LTS and have found it to be very user friendly. Navigation is very similar to Windows and there are Theme overlays to even make it look similar to windows. Overall, I have found Ubuntu to an easy answer to safe surfing and very stable.
• India
5 Aug 10
hey i dont think its right to say something suckz just bcoz u cant understand it.Miner49r is quite right....lucid is stable,safe and very easy to use.......i m using it for a year now and u know what i'm not even into my college going years.....(cant reveal my real age u know :P )
@yunzhbh (147)
• China
18 Aug 10
I don't agree with grecychunny26,I like ubuntu,not only because it's more safe,I remember someone once said ,the car is faster than your legs ,but you have to learn to drive it,is it true?I think so,ubuntu is very powerful.If you are a programmer you will know vim is more powerful than notpad, but you must learn to master it.
10 Aug 10
I beg to disagree. Ubuntu Linux doesn't suck. Actually this has been a life-saver for more than a few occasions already. Yes, I know that it isn't as exciting as Windows, mostly because there aren't a lot of games for Linux. But let me tell you this, almost everything in Windows now have an equivalent (or sometimes even better) application in Linux. But you just have to search for it, because one Windows application has tens to hundreds of versions in Linux. BUT... I you really hate Ubuntu Linux and want to use Windows instead (without your brother knowing it)... try installing VirtualBox. VirtualBox is like an OS within an OS... much like a virtual machine. It will enable you to install any version of Windows on your Linux box. Although, the downside is, you won't be able to make use of your 3D-OpenGL-uber-duper-lip-smacking-good video card to its fullest. Enjoy.
• Philippines
18 Aug 10
Hello benhurdeleon, well, i didn't say that. i just said it might get me bored in a matter of months. but that's the good thing because i got time to do other things after internet. no more getting addicted to playing games. i don't know about virtual box but i hope if you do comment on this, can you give me a site where i can download that.
• Philippines
19 Aug 10
because you answered me quite well. thanks
18 Aug 10
Hi LetranKnight25, You may download Virtualbox here: http://www.virtualbox.org just make sure to choose the proper type of download for your machine. Tips: "HOST" means the actual OS of the actual machine; "GUEST" means the virtual machine As for the Windows alternative applications, go here: www.linuxalt.com linuxappfinder.com/alternatives www.linux.ie/newusers/alternatives.php alternativeto.net/ All these alternatives can be directly installed into Linux... just make sure to take note of the version compatibility. Have fun!!! PS Thanks for choosing my answer as best response.
@bloggeroo (2167)
• Philippines
8 Jun 10
You can actually install another variant of Ubuntu side-by-side Ubuntu and/or Windows. Kubuntu has the KDE interface which has more frills compared to the Gnome interface that comes with Ubuntu. As for the downloading software, Ubuntu has a basic torrent downloader while Kubuntu has KTorrent, a feature-rich torrent downloader. For downloading streaming videos, Firefox has add-ons for that.