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June 8, 2010 4:47pm CST
Sometimes I feel like I have the best in life , sometimes I feel like life has taken the best of me..I'm tired of throwing my problems to my friends & family and i'm tired of throwing then to myself. Life is up and down for me . I hate feeling one way , then feelings another. Depression come and go. I have my highs and lows with my moods. Im so stressed out & bitter. I lost my grandmother on mothers day , and everything else seems to just fall down on me . I cry , but i want to be stronger than my tears is REAL . NO JOB ,FULL TIME STUDENT. !! ughh..I pray to God that I make it through's hard & Im just trying to overcome it..Im stressing over my ex boyfriend who I still love... now him and I are not together , he's with another girl & Im still trying to get over that..I love him so much though & it's so so so hard..I still talk to him and still have deep feelings but it will never be the same as him and I. I guess the hard part about that is ,when I wanted to keep still being friends but the benefits came along too .!! ughh it hurts to stop talking to him , but I know I have to sooner or later..the more I try , the more I think about it && the only way im happy is when Im talking to him !!! ughh MyLot please help ! I dont want to sound crazy , but this is life and im just trying to make it. :) thanks.
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28 Jun 10
Well frist of all I'm sorry about your grandmother. It always hurts to lose someone you love. But girl I'm a little disappointed in you. You talk like your the only one with problems, the only one that goes through ups and downs. Thats life. You will have goood moments and bad ones too. Sometimes it seems like all you get is bad, but trust me. it gets better sooner or later. The thing with your ex really is your fault, obviously if it didn't work it wasn't ment to be. Stop talking to him. I know its really hard haha trust me. But try.