mylot versus neobux

June 9, 2010 12:07pm CST
in mylot you can sit through the whole day and strike a dollar,but in neobux,you have to sit for basically 5 months to earn the mininmum payout,also referals work way better than neobux in mylot ,neobux ,man it gets tiring ,clicking 4 ads a day and looking for that elusive ad to prop up your account by 0.05 dollars,i second mylot,i love mylot,and all other neobux like sites can through and waste your time!
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@kavikent (57)
• India
11 Jun 10
Absolutely true. I also prefer my lot than neobux any day. Neobux tends to be very very slow and is popular only because they keep highlighting about their payments. My lot is more of a knowledge site. They pay you too and in a way, better and more than neobux. My lot is made up of decent people, who know what they are doing here.
• Hong Kong
9 Jun 10
I can't agree with you more. One more point: Neobux needs your paypal to be a credited account. That is, you need to supply identity proof to paypal in order to get paid. I hate this. So, I'm here in myLot! Hapyy myLotting!