in what extent do you pamper your pets?

@acey76 (1276)
June 10, 2010 3:27am CST
I have watched a show wherein celbrities in hollywood pay extravagantly ...just to pamper their own pets, to wardrobe collection spa's and even give a party to their dog, a lot of many has been spent....For me , i dont know I love my dogs and im an animal lover but i dont want spending money that much towards pampering them, i can imagine that money given to some institutions , donations to the poor......imagine how much hungry people they can feed How about you my lotters? would you spend a large amount of money to your pets?
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29 Jun 10
I love my pets but I wouldn't also go to that extent , I myself am a very simple person. As long as I keep my pets healthy , happy and clean. I think that's about it. We do treat them as part of our family, we even talk with them ;).