what instances in life do we hold on and start letting go?

June 10, 2010 9:33am CST
hi guys.. this is my second topic don't know yet where to start. but as of the moment this is how i feel. in our life, we usually say were okay ..but we know we are not. my heart and mind is a little bit confused on what to decide.. i don't even know if this post must be on the heart broken category. just asking for suggestion or comment on how to handle such matters in life.this might be during the time were heart broken or we lost some one dear to us. at this point of my life i want to hear people from all walks of life tell their stories and how they handle such trials in life. when do we say we must hold on in a relation ship and when should we let go? when is the time we must say good bye to the person we love? when to say enough, were done and through with it?
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