What do you do when you are feeling down?

@hulaboy (319)
June 10, 2010 7:49pm CST
I usually go exercise and then have a beer or two with a close friend. What about you?
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@noorhizat (209)
• Malaysia
21 Oct 10
I would take the ablutions and go for prayer, Seek peace and harmony in the presence of ALLAH.
11 Jun 10
well i just sit in a corner and read a bible and read some inspirational words that lift up my day try it your self and you'll gonna find out that I am right and if am not in a mood reading a bible i will look in the sky and remembering my happy moment with my love ones.....
@labea17 (443)
• Philippines
11 Jun 10
When I am feeling down I just usually go watch a feel-good movie and have a few drins with some of my good friends. Or if time permits it, I usually go jogging to make me feel better, or wherein I can vent out my frustrations.
@donsky14 (5960)
• Philippines
11 Jun 10
I grab my cellphone, put on my earphones and listen to my playlist. Either that or I go to sleep.
@xusnake (278)
• China
11 Jun 10
i will eat a lot and watch comedy to froget the bad thing.and that is worked.
@elrvld (120)
• Argentina
11 Jun 10
I listen positive music very loud, that makes me better!