have you ever lied to your boyfriend and have you ever hidden anything from him?

June 11, 2010 11:50am CST
Well where love is a relation of trust, faith, belief, my question is whether you have ever lied to your boyfriend or husband or have you ever hidden something from him? Whether you feel guilty for that or not? Did you ever try to tell him all the truth or not? If you failed to say that then why? Are you scared of loosing him? What do you think whether that truth will affect your relation or not? Did you ever think that whether your boyfriend or husband may hide something from you and if so and one day u become to know about that then how much that will affect your relation with your boyfriend or with your husband? well that a very controversial matter because it may break many relations but whether we have ever think deeply about this type work if we ever did? Well confession is a very big thing and if we can do that then we will in our real life and there will be no fear of loosing him and this will also show how much he is attached with us. How much he g=has the potential to accept the truth.
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• India
11 Jun 10
you are absolutely right.. but still some hide something from their gf or bf... in a fashion of fear to lose something
@Ninaaah (93)
• Serbia And Montenegro
11 Jun 10
Oh yes I lied to my boyfriend many times and I still hide some things from him. I cheated on him twice. But I really can't explain why have I done it even if I love him so much. It's not really a good feeling when you lie to somebody and I wish I can switch back to past and change many things that could hurt my boyfriend.
@mokkka (881)
• Bulgaria
11 Jun 10
I may honestly say that I have never lied my boyfriend.I prefer to tell him everyhing that happens around me because this is the best way we know each other.We are grown enough so that we understand that everybody makes mistakes and forgive each other.The lie is on the other hand the most frightening thing for me and my opinion is that when there is even one lie between two people one of them will soon or late find out and this is when everything goes to hell.There will be no trust any longer.