why Tom kissed Lucy?

June 12, 2010 10:54pm CST
hello,my lotters! here is a true story . a woman named lucy and she meet a man ,tom.and they became good friends.in fact ,they all have family.so ,they must keep a proper distance. or they will hurt both of their family members. lucy just want to talk with tom,and they usually take a walk,or sit in the tea house.talking everything.it makes lucy feel happy. one day,tom said to lucy"lucy,I like you!" lucy said :"tom,I like you,too!I think to be good friend of you is really make me happy." tom said :"lucy,I find that I fall in love with you,I don't want to be friend with you,I want to be your lover!" lucy heared it and very shocked.she never want to be a lover of a man ,cause she was marriaged.she need take responsible to her family.she just need a friend .then she explained to tom,but tom can't believe it. then tom said to lucy"lucy,I love you!I want to kiss you" lucy said :"no,please don't!if you kiss me,I will leave you,and never forgive you!" after a short thought,tom said :"although you will leave me,but I still will kiss you!"the he kissed lucy by force. the end. after I read this story,I don't know why tom kissed lucy.was the power of love made tom did so?I don't know,but I think if tom loved lucy,he should respect her.and he notice that lucy liked to make friend with him.after kissed,maybe lucy would leave him.why tom kissed lucy?I think another answer is just because the desire of a man . I don't know,what's your opinion?and the outcome of tom of lucy is equivocal.they will become lover or just friend or part ?
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15 Jul 10
maybe he loved her so much that really wanted to feel her kiss. bcs he couldnt be with her bcs she was married and didnt love him as lover so im sure he just wanted to remember that moment and not to be bad to lucy. anyway i dont think tom was bad just i think he wanted something to feel and to remember bcs he couldnt be with her^^ is cute though even he didnt respect her wish im sure he didnt do that to hurt her^^
@narayan2006 (2955)
• India
13 Jun 10
The story reveals the truth behind a popular saying that " Love is blind ". The true meaning of love is found when two persons jointly decide to live in a relationship built up on mutual understanding,sacrifice,sharing and caring without making any effort to hurt and harm each other. Love is not one-sided,arbitrary and individualistic. The real love is far away from the sensual attachment, uncontrolled emotion, individual ego and physical intimacy. The outcome of relationship of true love is always blissful as both the partners are always prepared to give something value to other. Since it is an incident of lustful,ego-based and sense-driven relationship,its ultimate outcome is bound to be painful and disastrous. Thanks.