June 13, 2010 2:21am CST
I was thrice betrayed by the people whom i consider as my friends..First, was way back in college wherein a good friend of mind without my knowledge was already having an affair with my boyfriend,it was so painful to me because i love them both and yet they were able to hurt me that bad.Second,was during my first year in the company I'm connected right now,i thought that this colleague of mine was a good friend,since she was older than me,i really look up to her,consider her as my elder sister,seek for her advise,and confide my problems to her,without knowing that behind my back she would tell everyone my flaws,and secretly talked bad things behind my back..I thought I have learned from the experience,I thought i will no longer encounter such betrayal,but i guess i was wrong because after all of this,to my misfortune i have been again betrayed by my new set of friends..and with this i felt like i am a very dumb person..i really feel so low and feel so used and abused..true friends are really hard to find i guess..And by now i have traumas with people who want to befriend me.Somehow i think that everything happens for a reason.Everything has a purpose,in time i will know..In Gods time everything will be answered..
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• Portugal
15 Jul 10
sorry for what happened to you :( to me too i always gave all to my friends and i never was cared enough. what hurts me the most was this friend i had. we were best friends i always cared for him and showed him that he also cared for him but suddenly he changed his attitude he started to act careless and ignoring me :( i never understood why he did that to me bcs i never did this to him :( is so sad how for people is so easy to waste a true friend. anyway i can be your friend if you want^^ dont stop trusting people thank god there are still sweet people that are true friends^^
• Philippines
13 Jun 10
Hi, I know how you feel because I had been there. I find you as a very trusting person just like me.:-) The best thing for you to do, is not to disclose delicate matters about yourself quickly until you are very certain that the person is worth enough of your trust. Be cautious in making friends. Pray to God for guidance, when it comes to choosing friends. Trust in God, and He will surely help you.
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• India
13 Jun 10
Hi kirsteina i think you have a very sweet and clean heart thinking of people in that way but this is the world you really have to be very careful while judging people.There are really more bad,selfish people more than good ones so its really hard to find good friends so i think you have learnt from your expiriences that you really cant trust anyone. Until you are very sure dont tell your flaws and feelings to a person the best person to ask for advice is your parents,they know you better and they will surely help and tell what is best for you. Trust in GOD,he will surely make everything alright and i wish that you really get good friends.