Do you believe in aliens and ufo's? why?

June 14, 2010 5:56am CST
For me I do believed in aliens because the universe is so big, there are millions of galaxy out there and billions of planets, so i don't think that earth is the only planet that has life if there are billions of planets out there. In UFO, I do believed in UFO but i don't think that it came from the other planets. What I think of UFO is made by man, a new technology that they kept secret because they want to use it in a matter of war, but I'm not sure of it.
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@lucas5 (455)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
13 Sep 10
yes, it is selfish to think that on the universe just would be "us".
• Canada
7 Jun 12
we would be naive to think we are the only intelligent life, or being out there, WE happened, other forms of life be-it however great or small are present in the universe, I fully believe in extra-terrestrial beings, there is proof if you look and listen hard enough.
@juggerogre (1653)
• Philippines
14 Jun 10
Yes I believe in aliens. The universe is so big and there are still lots of things left undiscovered. Aliens and UFOs for me are those that came from another planet or another world. It will really be exciting if we discovered one. Hope I'm still alive when we found one.
• Philippines
14 Jun 10
Thank you for the response juggerogre.
@narayan2006 (2954)
• India
14 Jun 10
The existence of aliens and UFO has been reported by many in several parts of the world. With limited knowledge and experiences,it is impossible for human beings to understand the mystery of universe. Living beings may be existing, in different forms and features,in several planets of the universe. Our planet earth may be considered as a minute particle of sand in the infinitely expansive universe having numerous stars and planets of varying sizes. I support your views.
• Philippines
14 Jun 10
Thanks for your response narayan. God bless..