Back to the old ways

United States
June 14, 2010 4:52pm CST
It may seem odd but I am slightly envious of the women of our past.. The ones that submitted to their husbands, and who were able control their children. I want that because even though the were submitful it seems like life was easier because everyone knew their place. As a result of these feelings I have decided to do my best to be like this. I have gone so far as to buy self help books and things like this, and even though I think it probably seems odd to many others it's what I want for my family. Where my children grow up seeing a family that is like a community where each person brings something to the table, and if they do not do their part punishment is enforced..
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@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Jun 10
hi lillybelledaisyrose but things were not all peaches and cream in those olden days, the subserviant wife was quite often picked on and degraded by the pompous overbearing male who was waited on hand and foot by a drudge. thats not what I would want at all, I thing some of our more modern ways have actually done some good, and as for children being controlled oh my G of cou rse step out of line get beat to a pulp no noif it were me I would take the best of our modernday ways and forget the subserviant drudge of a poor mistreated woman. We worked hard to get men to treat us as equals not second class citizens. I do not think you really would like that kind of life. My husband and I had a good life and he made me feel a first class citizen, I love him madly and he t reated me as an equal and I did respect and my children were well behaved too.