Have you ever been paid by ReviewStream.com

June 14, 2010 5:44pm CST
Hi there! I've been writing reviews for ReviewStream.com for a while now and I'm reaching payout but been reading on many sites that ReviewStream.com may be a big fat scam, but then I see people that say they've been paid before by them so I don't know what to believe. Well, I know what I want to believe, and that is that ReviewStream is a legit site and they will pay me when I reach 50 dollars, but wanted to know your experiences. Have you ever been paid by ReviewStream? Do you recommend me to keep writing there? ReviewStream has given me the bulk rate for most of my reviews, wich is just 50 cents, I have read that they never bought any review at full price but yesterday they bought me one, the one and only for what I've earned 2.5 dollars. If it is possible to get paid full price maybe it is possible to be finally paid. What do you think?
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• United States
15 Jun 10
I'm no where close to payout on Review stream, but I have written four or five reviews for the site. So far, they've bought every review that I submitted and have paid $2.50 for at least two reviews. Most times they pay me 50 cents per review. Just recently Review stream bought one of my reviews on a set of earphones for $2.50. You might try submitting more electronics and electronic accessory based reviews. Good luck on making payout. One of these days, hopefully, I will too.