Do you think Rob Green should still play or not?

@karlle (221)
June 15, 2010 6:55am CST
Hi mylotters, One incident that can't be forgotten regarding world cup is about Green letting the ball slip through the goal. As a football fanatic, a country lover and a concern citizen, do you think the Rob Green should still play or not.. Thank you! Have a nice day! Cheers! x
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@rkamurugy (279)
• Brazil
15 Jun 10
Well, was really a bad moment, but there is a better goal keeper in England (in the team that is playing the World Cup)? If not, i se not point to put someone else in his place. Great players fail too.
@karlle (221)
15 Jun 10
yea, nobody is are right great players fail..
• United States
15 Jun 10
He should be allowed to play because honestly, these are perhaps the last games in his career. Screw ups like that (excuse the language) are the type of things you'd expect in warm-up games, or something you'd see in the game in your local park!! This was a World Cup game, where you have to be at your best, and something like this is unacceptable. He pretty much cost the team the game, and even though odds are he won't do it again... One cannot take risks. Sure let him finish the cup, but afterward never again.
@karlle (221)
15 Jun 10
I agree with you...He should be allowed to play,. :)
@ram_cv (16513)
• India
19 Jun 10
I think more than anything Green has lost the confidence of his defenders and his own confidence would be at rock bottom after this performance. So given this it would be really difficult for him to play the next match. And Capello duly obliged and brought in David James, who duly impressed in the match against Algeria with his decisiveness. But David James was known as Calamitous James, so be prepared for a moment of madness from David James pretty soon. Cheers! Ram
@adhyz82 (36249)
• Indonesia
16 Jun 10
i think it`s normally blunder (based on capello thinks)..i do believe no one the best than robert green...i support if capello still play robert green...he is the best in this time for england