STill Can't! (feeliNg Blue)

By dee
@yresh12 (3212)
June 15, 2010 7:15am CST There were times in our lives when we thought that we couldn't live life without that special PERSON that we consider to be our LIFE and HAPPINESS. this is for those people who still can't and can't let go... Hope you would like my poem...
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• Portugal
15 Jul 10
yes i like it^^ but is hard when we cant let go things that easy. i still dont understand how this guy changed so much and why he just wanted to stop caring for me. we were best friends and one day he just was different and ignoring me and hurting me so much :( i let go i dont talk with him now but when i saw him i always hoped he would say something to me. me i wont bcs if he cared he would say so why will i talk? to feel hurt again? no use in that. i know that when we really care we will talk with that person so if he cared he would. me i wont talk bcs i was humiliated bcs of him more than one time and he didnt care for it :( so this time if ever we talk again he has to talk first.
@yresh12 (3212)
• Philippines
16 Jul 10
Broken Hearts..  - It is really hard to be walking alone especially if you have a broken heart.

walking alone
i walk this path alone 
whether in breezing nights or in scorching days
hoping ill soon be held
knowing things will always remain the same
i guess im just that person 
lonely as the night, brimming with impudent sights
due to the dim street lights, but it’s my life
with guts and a prayer ill see this life through
with a primitive instinct ill strive
looking up to the stars and moon 
wondering why 
with a sense of nostalgia
ill remain with this life
walking in this path alone
hoping ill be held
There is nothing more permanent in this world and that is CHANGE pEOPLe change and you just can't explain how or why it happened. you just can't help but think of the hurt and pain that is creeping inside of you. I know what you mean. Don't worry I think there must be a reason behind this and good thing he stopped caring because he doesn't deserve you
15 Jun 10
I have felt like this before with a broken relationship and I know it is just so difficult. But you can get through it. It does take time as the old cliche says. It may be worth getting some conselling. At least worth a try I think. Poetry is a great way to express yourselves. I also like drawing and writing. Talkiing is very good too. Best of luck sweetie.
@yresh12 (3212)
• Philippines
15 Jun 10
Hello leigh!! I'm perfectly fine... i wrote this a year ago and just wanted to share it with others. It's really hard but you just need to focus on it the rest will follow