Anyone Else Having Trouble Today?

@rosie230 (1699)
June 17, 2010 4:40am CST
I am having a little trouble with the search tool here today. I like to use it to find discussions that I can respond to of my interests. But for some reason today it is only giving me results from the web, and just blank when I try the discussion search link... so I was wondering is it just my end that it is playing up, or is someone else having the same dilemma?
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@breisa (165)
• New Zealand
17 Jun 10
I also noticed this today, its so odd because it worked perfectly fine yesterday! :(
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@rosie230 (1699)
17 Jun 10
Yeah it is quite frustrating I have to say, I do enjoy to use it.. I hope that it gets fixed soon!
@mysdianait (65070)
• Italy
17 Jun 10
There is another discussion 3 before this one saying exactly the same thing: It appears that the 'web' search is now working for everyone but there is now a glitch in the 'discussions' search. No doubt that will be fixed soon too
@rosie230 (1699)
17 Jun 10
Oh right... thanks for that, I did not notice this other discussion otherwise I would not have posted this. Hopefully it will be sorted soon... Thanks again for the info!
@ariyanti (206)
• Indonesia
20 Jun 10
I have not used the search tool. So I have no problems with the search tool. To respond to the discussion, I got an email that someone is making discussions. so I do not need to find a search tool. I am very helpful with email notifications sent to my email. Like now, I am responding to your discussion, because I got in my email notification that you have made the discussion.
@kharlav (1672)
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
Today is not a very good day today.I was sad and very disappointed on how my day went. The first thing I did today is wake up early and have my hair cut because I was preparing for a wedding. I waited for 30 minutes for the beauty salon to open. PLus I didn't like how my hair was cut, it was ugly and I paid big amount of money for the ugly hair cut. Then I went to the hotel, where the bride was to have my make-up. All of the bridesmaids went their to change and have everything done at about 10:30 am. Time was very limited, we ended up being late at the church, so we (5 bridesmaids) weren't able to walk through the aisle with the bride. grrr.. I woke up so early, paid for my hair cut, had my make up etc. but wasn't able to do the purpose of why I did all those things.
@oldchem1 (8144)
17 Jun 10
Yes, now the web side is working the discussions isn't!! It's those pesky gremlins again
@sathya264 (174)
• India
17 Jun 10
ya exactly this thing i already faced yet.when i searching nothing i found what iam typed.then i tried it myself.