What Are Ways To Regain A Love Lost?

Love Grows! - What Can You Do To Keep Love Growing?
What Can You Do If It Dies Away? Can One Revive It?
June 17, 2010 7:28pm CST
Some People Fall Into Love For Each... But Some People Fall Out Of Love For Each Other. Is There Hope To Those Who Are Into It? Can Love Lost Be Regained? What If It Is Lost Due To Mistrust? What If It Is Lost Due To Over Familiarity? But Didnt They Say The More One Knows The Other, The More One Is Able To Love The Other?
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• Portugal
17 Jul 10
ways to win a lost love. well me and my ex for example i loved him much but i always was caring much much and he act careless many many times. i always argued with him about that but he continued the same so with time my love decreased. i was honest with him and we broke up. after it he wanted me back but i didnt want bcs i didnt love him anymore also he continued acting careless we rarely talked with each other after the break up so why would i accept him back? i didnt love him anymore and if he wanted to make me love him again he would care much much right? so i think to win someone back you need to really care for that person and do all for them so they can trust your love is true and they maybe can love again^^
@sallyj (1225)
• United States
18 Jun 10
I hope one can rekindle when a poor decision keeps you apart. Maybe some day i can say YES thank goodness.