food is your best medicine

June 18, 2010 7:54pm CST
Every diseases that most of us that we encounter today is not caused by bacteria and viruses,nor vicous microscopic monsters,that invade our bodies like an army of tiny devils.These viruses and bacterias are actually all arou,and within our bodies most of the time.Whe then do we fall victim to them and become sick at certain times and not to others,and why do some people got affected,and not to others?The answer is simple:all disease starts from inside our bodies and minds,caused by worind thinking,wrong living,and wrong eating.The truth is if we live naturally,in accordance in the laws of harmony in the universe,we will not fall sick in mind and body.It is only when we disobey these natural laws that illness results.A warning signal for us to retrieve our lost harmony with nature.When our bodies are filled with poisons and putrifying waste materials,they become weak and unable to resist the attack of bacteria and viruses,and various diseases appear.Thus the root cause of all disease is not the external agents of bacteria nad virus,but the impurities in our own bodies caused by improper digestion and elimination.We should watch what we eat because our life is a gift,and our body is the sole foundation of our well being.
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