I'm gonna marry you

United States
June 20, 2010 4:21pm CST
I'm sure we have all heard of stories from couples that when they first met each other- laid eyes on each other- one of them told the other that they were going to get married one day. Time goes by and there's a wedding. lol. What would you do if you met someone who told you n your first day you met that they were going to marry you? Has anyone told you that?
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• Philippines
20 Jun 10
Way back when i was single.Ive always long that someday my boyfriend would set up a very nice dinner or something and would finally propose a wedding to me..But unfortunately,it didn't happened.He got me pregnant and rush things for us and eventually he marries me.And now its something that bothers me the most,because it makes me question myself that if i did not get pregnant would he still want to marry me?For me its very different if someone propose and asked my permission on wanting to marry him than being in a situation that both of us don't have a choice because we already have to think of someone's future.As of now,we are very okay as a family but as a woman at some point i would always long for that very moment..i don't know,its still a wishful thinking on my part to get a proposal from some that you love..ggrrr...
• United States
21 Jun 10
I can understand what you're saying. I know there are some people who would be like, as long as you're okay as a family, it doesn't matter how it happened, but I can understand that wistfulness. I believe probably 95% of women (even if they don't admit it) want to be proposed to in a special way and know the guy wants to marry you for you. But what matters is that you love each other. And who knows, maybe on an anniversary he'll give you your picturesque proposal. lol. It can happen. (I'm a hopeless romantic) Good luck and thank you for responding.
• Portugal
9 Jul 10
thats cute^^ i would just smile and laugh sure^^ but the truth is when we meet a guy or a girl we dont know if that person is meant for us or not so it can happen^^ also i believe that we can know if someone is the right one or not instantly^^ that would be very romantic if just by looking at someone we could say he or she is the one^^ i think thats lovely^^
@aguas_aj (498)
• Philippines
21 Jun 10
I wont believe it easily. Marriage is big thing that can beautify or ruin your life if done easily. So, i wont believe it. or wont take it seriously
@rose0822 (123)
• Philippines
22 Jun 10
first meeting??then talking about marriage already?? for me getting married is not an easy thing so we don't need to rush.. i hate hearing people story that they we're separated after their married that only last for a year... so,whats the purpose of getting married then realize soon that you fall out of love of that person?