Talk about a composition that is important to you,EX,essay,letter and so on?

June 21, 2010 3:41am CST
The most inportant letter I have written I can remember is that my college acceptence letter. You know,the composition is not good all the time,however, in order to pass the college entrance examination,the level of my composition must be higher than before. TO preparing the exam, I have recited so much essay to accumulate so mant good sentences and words for writing which is so useful for me expressing well in the exam. When I finish writing the composition,I know I had done best,so I had tried not to think too much about it.When I get the result, I was pleased because I have done so well that this did guarantee me a place at university. When it did attive, it was brief,the waiting was the worst.Of course,opening it wat tense,but it had to be opened and eventually I quicklu opened my letter and quickly read it,skipping to the irrelevant part,I was accepted!I read it again,told my parents and we were all delighted.I think that would have to be the most important letter I have received.
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