Do you like to eat chocolate?

June 21, 2010 9:24am CST
My daughter want to know if you like to eat chocolate.She likes eating chocolate very much.When her grandfather went to winners he bought many chocolate for her and her brother. I do not like eating chocolates as I get teeth pain and I fear to get fat. It is not good for health so one must eat in moderate you often eat chocolate?
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@greenline (14838)
• Canada
13 Aug 10
Hello Velenta. How are you ? I have to say I am a chocolate addict. I enjoy everything that has chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, and so on. I keep a bucket of chocolate ice cream in my refrigerator always. Eating too much chocolate is not good for health, I know. I should keep it under control ! Thank you for reminding !
@de_toya (2429)
• Indonesia
24 Jun 10
No, I don't like sweet foods to much. Sweet foods to much is not good for our health since our pancreas will work hard to produce insulin to neutralize glucose. When it happen for a long time, we could be suffered from diabetes. I prefer to consume crispy and savory snack. My favorite is french fries, it's so delicious.
@colega17 (312)
• Romania
22 Jun 10
I just love chocolate. Lately I've been eating a lot of it even though I know is not very healthy. But as far as I'm concerned I don't worry about getting fat because I am very skinny. So a little more kilos won't do me wrong especially I don't normally gain any weight no matter how much I eat...So long live the chocolate Oh, and I like best dark chocolate and the one filled with banana or pineapple cream. It's simply delicious...
@delkar (1712)
• Romania
22 Jun 10
I love a lot black chocolate with peanuts, but the one with milk it`s ok too, or with tiramisu. I love to eat chocolate when i need to study something and i need to be concentrated. Chocolate it`s healthy when we ate just a little bit, not like i`m doing, a hole chocolate and sometimes almost 2 chocolates. My parents love chocolates too, but they eat less.
• Philippines
22 Jun 10
i'd have to agree with you that chocolate eating should be in moderation :) but i love chocolates, really really love chocolates - but i prefer black chocolate, i believe it's healthier.
@aquariand (464)
21 Jun 10
I love chocolate far to much, infact I have to ration myself or i will get fat.
@doormouse (4599)
21 Jun 10
i don't tend to eat a lot of chocolate as it makes me feel quite sick,even after a few mouthfuls,but if i do eat it it has to be in the morning for breakfast,that's when i think it tastes the nicest
@abj163 (1037)
• India
21 Jun 10
yup i like to eat chocolate and chocolate ice creams also......i am 19 now and i used to eat chocolates regularly........i used to eat at least 1 chocolate per day .....from last 4 months i left eating chocolates regularly for no also i eat chocolates but randomly.....i think chocolates keep us very fresh.... happy mylotting