Refreezing foods

United States
June 21, 2010 12:33pm CST
Ok, I know that since the beginning of time I have been told that once a frozen food is thawed it cannot be refrozen. My question is-- Why? What happens to it? Does this go for all foods, or just uncooked meats? Any answers?
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@marguicha (214906)
• Chile
22 Jun 10
I worry about bacteria and other things we don´´t see. So, what I do, is to cook a dish with whatever I will not eat just now and place it in the freezer. That way I think thatall that could have been spoiled by thawing and refreezing does not happen.
@Lindalinda (4111)
• Canada
22 Jun 10
This applies mainly to meat. Once meat is defrosted the surface is invaded by bacteria which may or may not be killed if you freeze it again. If you cook the defrosted meat and freeze it then it may be safe but I think it looses quality. Same goes for other food. I have a friend who often re-freezes cooked food. To me the taste is diminished, however, she is alive and well.
@cher913 (25782)
• Canada
21 Jun 10
i think this applies to mostly meats. i have done it with veggies before and lived to tell about it!
@avani26 (1518)
• India
21 Jun 10
I have heard the same thing and yes my mom would never allow me to keep the food back in the fridge once thawed but when she is not around I usually keep it back and reuse it as I do not like to waste food. But the reason for not refreezing is given below. If you thaw meat at room temperature or in hot water, it can be unsafe to eat the meat. This is because the more dangerous disease's causing microbes, can flourish even after cooking, though it's rare. Thawing in cold water or in the refrigerator is considered safe as long as it is handled properly before refreezing. Meat/poultry that is refrozen might suffer some quality loss as moisture may be lost during thawing