@zubirik (111)
June 23, 2010 6:45pm CST
All of us know what is facebook all about. It's a social networking site where people accross the globe can interact with each other. This site has a lot of functions, like you can chat with your friends, watch videos, upload photos, say something with your thoughts, earn with facebook, and most of all playing game apps like farmville, mafia wars, poker and a lot more. People are now socializing online unlike before that you need to post yourself in an add for you to communicate outside your country or anywhere else on earth. Socializing using the internet is really effective and powerful. Nonetheless, it helps people to communicate. We need to thank those people who created that site for social networking. By that we gained more friends and most especially gain a partner. Anyway, what can you say about facebook? Did your friends mentioned that everyday? Are you a fond of facebook? if yes, you can add me: eddie mar, that's my account name. Thanks in advance for adding me up.
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@Metatronik (5977)
• Pasay, Philippines
24 Jun 10
I am actually using my facebook like as a messenger as well that I am seeing other people that I can talk with. And sometimes I am catching the updates. I am glad that because of facebook I was able to catch new updates and to know what is happening to our relatives, friends and other people.
@zubirik (111)
• Philippines
24 Jun 10
good thing. It's more useful compared to any social sites.