What are the foods not high in URIC ACID!!!

@jemaries (322)
Saudi Arabia
June 24, 2010 8:05am CST
hi to all mylotters last week, i have pain in my right foot, i dont mind it but its coming worst everyday, and know i have difficulty in walking , i feel too much pain until i get sick leave because i cannot tolerate the pain when im walking while working, after that i checked with the doctor to find out what is the problem, i made x-ray, and laboratory test, after the laboratory test i found out that my URIC acid is high it is the first time im having problem this one,any advise from you guys how to avoid having uric acid problem!!!
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@Hatley (164168)
• Garden Grove, California
24 Jun 10
hi jemaries you have gout in other words and need to avoid meat and seafood which contain purines that make uric acid go high. Beef and pork are really bad and peas and beans and corn too. You can eat white meat of chicken or turkey and fish without trouble.So cut out beef and pork and beans from you diet.