The Halal Products

June 24, 2010 2:38pm CST
Hi MyLotians, does anybody has ever come across the term of "Halal Products"? Whether you have or haven't let me briefly tell you what the word "HALAL" really is. The word halal has nothing to do with religion. It is actually an Arabic word which means totally hygenic and safe. Muslims are only allowed to take these halal products which means source of the products, how they are prepared and they does not change yourself immotionally, physically or turn your behavior from what you always are. The word halal is not only applied to foods but also includes clothing or anything that we use in our everyday life. In short if you consume, wear or use halal products does not cause you changing your religions or races. If any of you have any doubt about the word HALAL please do not hesitate to ask me and I will explain to the best of my knowledge so that you will fully understand because people are wrongly informed or interpreted the actual meaning of that Arabic word which is not religion but language. Thank you.
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