who can help me

June 25, 2010 9:53am CST
today i found many questions when i read a essay .for instance what's done can't be undone. nothing is nothing at all . you can't make something out of nothing . so who can tell me how to understand.and what grammar they use ? thank yon
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@StarBright (2798)
• United States
25 Jun 10
Hello Confident. Welcome to Mylot. Sounds like you read one of those articles that was full of cliches. You have to look at the deeper meaning. Think like a philosopher. Example: "Nothing is nothing at all." Take it literally. There is a song that sums it up. "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing." Philosophically, if you do nothing with your life, just waste it away, do not get an education, do not get a job and make something of yourself, never help anyone, be a selfish, angry person, then you have nothing at all. The expression "What's done can't be undone" There is another expression "You cannot unring a bell." This is especially true in relationships. If you say cruel and hurtful things to someone or if you do something to break the trust that you had with a good friend, you cannot undo the harm that you did. That person has heard your harsh and mean words. The damage has been done. Have fun with your reading.