Mature women or young girls, whom you're more comfortable with ?

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@991188 (54)
June 26, 2010 3:34am CST
Some people prefer mature women for dating or friendship. They don't feel comfortable with young girls. This is a big mystery. I have asked some males why they preferred mature women for companionship. They explained to me that young girls are very hard to control, they are over-smart, tries to dominate their man, very exhibitionist, wild, artificial, and there is no guarantee they can abandon you anytime if they find a better man etc etc. Whereas mature woman, they explained, is very understanding, mild behavior, enduring, and never in hurry etc. etc. What you think about this ? What is your preferences ?
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@skaterx (530)
• Finland
27 Jun 10
I think people have to be at a similar intellectual level, and I think it can be difficult at times with someone much younger. If I ask a 10 year old boy what he thinks of some issue, it might be much different from how most adults perceive it. Similarly I find it sometimes predatorial, if a man is much older like 40 or more, and they try to date a girl who is 18 or so. I think maturity is something people prefer whether looking for male or female friends or relationships. Because it's the mental attitude. And also behaviour. There's no hard and fast rule about who to date as long as its legal, but at the same time, everyone is going through different phases in life. If im young, I want to have fun, I don't want to hang out with someone too old to move anymore, how would that be fun? Similarly there's people who want to settle down and people who don't. It's not strictly the age, but generally there's certain phases in life and you might not be in the same phase as someone else, regardless of whehter they are older or younger than you, or even the same age. but biology also dictates what we can or cant do at certain ages, so that defnes the phases too.
@991188 (54)
• India
29 Jun 10
I agree. Biology dictates terms, but psychology leads you to wrong places ( persons). Mind winning over body ? Best wishes to you.
@besthope44 (12123)
• India
24 Jul 10
Well mature girls can understand well, and will be more lovable.