England's reaction

@wakawaka (134)
June 27, 2010 8:31pm CST
How about the people's reaction in England regarding the defeat of England's soccer national team in World Cup 2010? I know media in England could be mean sometime when their national team beaten. How about the hooligans? Do they rack anything yet?
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@Priceless (1278)
28 Jun 10
The English press are going to give the team a hard time, there's no doubt about it. Capello and FIFA too, they all share responsiblity for England's shambolic preformance. The squad never played as a team. Rooney was counted as England's hope but not once did he score a goal, pathetic for a man who has just given the preformance of a life time in the premier league. Rarely did he pass to others who were in better positions to score and gave into all the hype and took it apon himself to try and score from impossible positions. All for his ego. Absolutely disgraceful. I have no idea about the hooligans to be quite honest, I don't live in England but I guess it'll be on British news at some point. I have seen videos of so-called England fans gathering to burn German flags though. Disgusting behaviour.
@wakawaka (134)
• Indonesia
29 Jun 10
Why FIFA? And yes, England never played well. I saw their match against Algeria. I thought they could win by 2-0 at that time. I thought they could finish the group as a leader, but they finished second bellow USA. About the video, i know if the English fans would do something like that.