hello friends Is it me or avery one i know is adicted to his cell phone

June 28, 2010 3:35am CST
why is everyone depending so much on their cell phone?Are we so helpless that our every day life depends so much on.The cell phone has become a important tool in our social life and one day without it for some is like a disaster So i ask you dear friends do you know such people who even go sleep with his cell phone under his pillow cause i have a few friends like that
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@hushi22 (4930)
28 Jun 10
im one of the candidates. my cp is almost like my laptop that i can easily browse things that i need to search. i just cant leave house without it.
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@lelin1123 (15635)
• Puerto Rico
28 Jun 10
I didn't get a cell phone till I was 51 years old and I had it only for two years because of a contract. I'm free of the cell phone and never was or never could be addicted to the cell phone. I really don't think they are safe for us long term and one day we will find out they are causing brain tumors.
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@rosekiss (30303)
• Eugene, Oregon
28 Jun 10
I am not addicted to my cell phone, as much as it is a need as I don't have a landline, so I need my cell phone everyday, in cse of emergencies. I don't leave home with without my cell phone, as I would miss calls that might be important, especially my daughter now that she is pregnant with her 4th, so she needs to get a hold of me almost everyday. I do use my cell phone to browse with, but mostly when I am charging it as otherwise the battery will go down if I use it in that way to much. I do like my cell phone, and I am glad that I have it, and I wouldn't be without it. Take care, and happy mylotting.
• Romania
2 Jul 10
people like you are very rare