My biological father has skitzophrenia...

@Lochoa (222)
United States
June 28, 2010 4:11pm CST
I don't know him well and for awhile I tried to keep in touch with him through letters and what not but I don't really want to. He hasn't been around since I was 3 now 25 and my father has raised me since I was about that age and married my mom and then adopted me so now I have his last name b/c my biological father agreed to give up his parental rights when I was 7 or 8. My question is; since my biological father has skitzophrenia (which I found out about last year or so) what are the chances of me developing that if it's possible or my children. I don't have kids now but am planning hopefully in the near future. I would just hate to have children and me pass this on to them. I never really thought about this til now. I figured maybe b/c my biological father isn't in the picture at all and I don't think of him as my father but yes tech we do have the same blood and what not so this is possible. Thanks for your answers!
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@bubulizzz (508)
• Latvia
28 Jun 10
I think that risk to get schizophrenia as some another illness is always and it is by God or by Nature will this or other illness be or not. I suggest to check with some biological tests how much percents do you have to inherit this illness, but our medicine as well as since at all is not perfect. I know many people which diagnosis was hopeless and in one moment happened miracle or they thought that this was miracle, but I think that this means only that all is in Gods hands and human since is behind it and will never reach its knowledge. So I could suggest to live your life without fear and to pray and trust God. He never give us bigger trials as we can stand!