The Final Scene of Lost : What Did It Mean ?

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June 29, 2010 8:37pm CST
Im a little confused here, dont get me wrong, i've loved every single second of LOST from when I began watching it all them many years ago. But, the final scene what was that all about? I have my own theory, but im not sure. Here goes : "Jack goes into the church, only to find his dead father is walking around talking. He reveals to Jack that he has died, and so has Jack himself. Some of the others in the Church hall are dead too, like Sun, Jin & Charlie. And some will die a long time after Jack, like Kate, Sawyer and Hurley etc. So they all get together and "Move on, Let Go, Get Ready For The Afterlife." The SideFlashes arent really an alternate reality to when Juilet used the Bomb, the SideFlashes is actually something like Perguatory, where the dead and the soon to be dead gather, especially the Oceananic 815 and CO. This Church is a place were they can spirtually let go and move on, this is why Ben dosent want to go in, he knows he has sinned and isnt ready to repent. Also, "You were a great NO.2", "You were a great NO.1", we are left to presume that Ben and Hurley did work together. And finally, as you look when Jack is sitting slowing down to sit on the seat, we see that Island Jack gets weaker and weaker, leaving us to think that the further that Jack goes to repent and move on (or as i see it, move towards the light) the closer he gets to dying on the Island, real life." Thats my theory, thanks for reading that, does it sound right, i'd love to hear some of your ideas.
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@ddaguno (3107)
• Philippines
30 Jun 10
Sorry, I can't contribute. I've only watched Lost up to Season 3. I started season 4 but missed out on a few episodes so i couldn't understand the story anymore.
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
No problem with that its ok my friend.. .
• Belgium
15 Jul 10
Good ending... not Great, but good enough for me. The end shows that when you die, you still have to wait for your loved ones before you can go enter heaven.
• United States
14 Jul 10
i would love for someone to explain it to me, because I didn't understand it either.