Heart of Ice, Pt: 1

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November 16, 2006 9:28pm CST
This is one of my posts from my newest rpg forum " The Dragon Wars ". My character is Wynsteria, better known as Wyn. There are three posts involved in this thread, and the post done by Eclipse, is my friend that I'm role playing with. I'm posting his part of the thread, with his premission, so that my two posts combined make more sense to those of you reading. You can find a link to the forum at the bottom of this post. Please tell me what you think~ Wynsteria: Wynsteria had not been herself, since that run in with, Eclipse, in another realm. Of course, she tried to push the memories from her mind, it seemed like an easy enough task. Her mind had no problem blocking out the painful thoughts. It was her heart that had the problem with understanding, and releasing him. She just could not understand... and the more time she spent with Eclipse's "friends" in that other realm, the more confused she became over his choice. The one man was horrible, and his dragon was not any better. She had witnessed the two of them attacking a werewolf, ripping his limbs from his body one at a time. It was outright blood shed, with no cause. The werewolf had not been provoking the man, or his dragon. They were the sort of dragon associated people, that caused the terrible wars! The very wars that the dragons, and Draconic Guardians of this realm were working so hard to prevent. If nothing else, she thought that Eclipse had at least understood that. But he was befriending the enemy... and while she had not met his other mate, thankfully for that other female, she could not imagine her being so grand if that was the sort of company she chose to associate herself with. And apparently, this female was not even a true, pure-blooded dragon, but rather someone who had turned into a dragon, soley for the purpose of being with Eclipse. A sacrafice, sure it was... but had Wyn done anything less noble by removing her stone of immortal life, to keep a protective barrier, and light around Eclipse's Mistress when she had been frozen in time, fighting that horrible virus? Pushing the thoughts from her mind, her beautiful sapphire eyes stare about the frozen peaks of ice mountains. It had been quite some time since she was last at the Arctic Isle. But Jenessa felt that Wyn needed to take some time to herself, so Jenessa agreed to watch over Little Eclipse, while Wyn took a day to do whatever she wanted. So she had gone to the Arctic Isle, but once she was there. She shifted out of her dragon form, and took her more human-looking one. Her flesh is hauntingly pale, like fresh fallen snow. Her hair is sapphire blue, and reaches her ankles in length, but it also has snowy white streaks flowing through it. Below her right eye, there is a glittering snowflake, that looks like it's a permenant tattoo done in a strange ink. She wears a shimmering dress that could easily pass for having been made of snow and ice. Sighing, she sits atop the highest mountain on the isle, her knees folded to her chest, both arms wrapped snugly about her legs. Most of the blue dragons were deep under ground, sleeping, the few that were out and about simply stayed away from her. They all had mates, and below her she could see a Mother and Father playing with their three children. It was a beautiful sight, but it only caused Wyn's heart to break a little more. Lowering her head, she hides her face against her knees. Letting cold drops of icey tears roll down her delicately carved face. Eclipse: Eclipse had known that Wyn would almost certainly try to rend his head from his body upon sighting him, but he was not worried. He had to try to give her something, although nothing he had to offer would come close to consoling her torn spirits. He hastily flew over Arctic Isle in his attempt to find Janessa, almost completely missing Wyn's scent below. After a few moments of pondering, he circled back around in a wide arc, and made his way back to where he had last noticed her smell. Not wanting to be immediately seem, he increased his height, and closely searches thte frozen plains and snow covered mountains for any trace of her. Upon passing over one of the many mountain ranges, he spots a young woman sitting on the edge, and casually passes overhead. "That person looks familiar.............Wyn!" He quickly turns around once again, this time in an almost hairpin fashion. He wanted to time this just right, so the landing would be just feet from where she sat, but Eclipse didn't want her to see him, for he knew that his presence would do nothing but hurt her more, and he's had enough of that. When finally coming into range, he gently releases what he was carrying, and watches it plunge toward the mountain as if it were a falling star, glistening in the sunlight. The item landed in the snow behind Wyn, crunching the light snow in which it was dropped. The red glow instantly gave away the identity of the mystery item. It was Hikari's jewel, the one which contained her immortal soul. He knew it wasn't her own, but he at least hoped that it would restore her former immortality. With that being done, he quickly pulls back toward the heavens, and changes course to head back to Crescent Isle. "Please one day forgive my ill decision, and raise Little Eclipse to be just like his Mother." Once he completes his little personal mission, he finally disappears into the horizon once more. Wynsteria: Try as he might, it was not that easy for Eclipse to mask himself from, Wyn's senses. She may have been in her more human looking form, but that did not disrupt any of her dragon senses, nor did it affect her magic. She could smell him, more than that- she could feel him near her. It had always been like that though. As soon as Eclipse was within a few miles of her, Wyn's entire body would grow warm, and her flesh would tingle. Back then, she thought it was because of her anticipation to see him, an anticipation that bloomed from her love for him. Now, perhaps it was nothing more than an allergic reaction. When the jewel lands upon the ground near her, she gives it a mere glance, before shaking her head. She did not want that, it could do nothing for her, and it did not change anything that he had done. It was a very poor attempt at trying to make her feel anything but that pulsing abandonment, and hatred. Hours pass, the sun fades from the sky, and the moon rises to send it's shimmering light down upon the island made of snow and ice. She would have to get home soon, she was missing her son quite a lot. And surely, Jenessa could not complain that she hadn't taken any time for herself. After all, she'd been gone the entire day. Of course, she had merely sat alone on a mountain of ice that entire time... but she had done quite a lot of thinking, and she had finally came to a cross roads in her life... Now she merely prayed that her choice was the right one. Pushing herself from the ground, the familiar clouds of snow form about her body. When they clear away, she's standing in her true, blue dragon form. Lowering her head, she takes the crimson jewel within her mouth. Though she found it quite funny that it tasted as bitter as she had thought it would. Taking off from the mountain, she begins to fly towards the Crescent Isle. She would make one small stop there, before going home to be with her son. The miles are crossed with an ease due to her healed body. When she lands upon Crescent Isle, the ground shakes beneath the weight of her descent. Ignoring that, she moves to the cave that housed Eclipse's frozen mistress. Ignoring everything around her, Wyn moves into the opening, and traveses down the large hall like tunnels, until she finds the frozen young woman. Lowering her head, she drops the crimson jewel back where it had been all of these years. Shifting her weight, she sits upon her hind legs as she stares towards the frozen young woman. " It seems that he has moved away from the both of us. Though to his defense, at least he protected you for hundreds of years before leaving, and finding a new rider... I blame myself, and Jenessa for that. We were merely trying to help, it did not seem fair for him to be trapped upon this Isle alone for so long... But as soon as he got his freedom, he left, and betrayed us both. At least you do not know... I pray that you will never have to know that he's found a new Mistress. I am sure your pain over hearing that, will be just as great as my pain of hearing that he chose another mate. " Moving her head down, she rubs the side of her face gently across the block of ice that Eclipse's first Mistress was entombed within. As she does, tears of ice fall from her eyes. The tears roll down her cheeks, and fall from them. With each tear that drops to the floor around the frozen girl. Beautiful roses made of ice bloom, and think viens begin to move from one rose to the next, until they move up and the entire block of ice is now protected by them. The roses and viens would also make it impossible for anyone else, even Eclipse to remove that jewel from the frozen girls hands. Taking a few steps backwards, she gives the girl one last, sorrowful look. " May your heart be far more strong than my own, so that it shall not break when you awake to what has befallen your, Eclipse. May the virus be gone from your body, and may you live many long, and happy years. After all of this, I can think of no one who deserves that more than you. " {{ TO BE CONTINUED }} http://draconicwards.proboards88.com/index.cgi
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I agree with Heather, I think you did an awesome job on this. So full of betrayal, heart break, love, compassion. It's just great. =-) TTFN
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awesome :)