Can give me a break?!

July 1, 2010 6:18am CST
recently i'm so busy with my own stuff..arghhhh...I need a rest pls! university life is not so easy grrr. This week busy with my club registration and everyday need to wake up early to open booth...aiks. Then next two weeks I have to pass up 3 assignments and a presentation. I'm so tired man! I don't have enough rest and sleep:(... I can't imagine what will happened to me when i get a job in the future after I graduate. Can you people tell me how to release my stress?? really tired like hell.. Your opinion and suggestion are well appreciated:)
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@Yan0320 (17)
2 Jul 10
I had same feeling just like you when I was in my university especially in the end of every term. I had to handle both my study and association stuff, every minute was very very valuable to me but it flied too fast to catch. However, I never thought to give up any of them even once. I love my college life and wish it colorful more and more. When all the difficulties were crashed, you have no words to express the feeling of your success and gratification.Right? Everything you paid out is worthy. You feel stress or tied because you care, you should know “no pressure, no power". Just believe yourself, you can do it. Job is just a way we earn our living, be relax and be your own boss, nothing could scare off you.