late nights..

July 1, 2010 1:30pm CST
I always work late nights whether it is homework or chatting on net or just hanging out. If i am out i come home at around 1 and find my mom still awake with a rolling pin ready. She always gives me a lecture or a beating depends upon the time. I like to do what i do. She never approves. What do you do? Do you also spend lots of time at net? If so why? And at what do you spend on?
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1 Jul 10
hi bro , what u do is almost normal for the people of our age . may be and should be 16+. bcoz we start coming across new thing , we learn bout relationship , leisure , friends etc we get really busy with those things , we miss out every important things like home ,parents . we spend lot of time late night enjoying with friends but their our parents get worried bout us . so u need to balance stuff like homeworks, other related to homes , helping mom or dad in afternoon , then in the evening do stuff u like try to balance ur sport ,friend that time , try to balance evrything and try all the good thing . " i say u these bcoz i used to do same thing .
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2 Jul 10
yup well teenage and youth once lost don't come again do they? Why can't my mom understand that?