Heart of Ice, Pt: 4

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November 16, 2006 9:39pm CST
Continuation of the "Heart of Ice", this is part four, you can find the other three portions under my discussions. Feel free to browse back through them, and let me know what you think! Eclipse: Eclipse could feel what little energy he possesed slipping away, and his vision had began to blur. Seconds after, the edges of his world began to go dark, and everything in the middle slowly began to swirl about. Eclipse felt as if he were going to die right there in front of Wyn. "I have failed you once again......" Eclipse had thought to himself, seeing as he hadn't the strength or disposition to say anything. Just as the last of his strength began to abandon him, he turns his gaze to get one last look at Wyn before his end draws in on him. It was at that moment that he saw a blue light, withing a small white light, and he thought that his time had come already. Those thoughts were instantly pushed aside, when all of a sudden, he felt a heavy rush of energy swell into his body. Eclipse tried with all of his power not to let Azul in on this sudden occurence, until he was ready to retaliate. He looked into the eyes of Wyn once more, and finally realized that she was the one who had given him the necessary strength to do away with Azul for the time being. But he wondered if it was indeed her own energy that she had given him. There was no time to go into too much detail with that thought, for Azul still had quite a lethal grip on Eclipse. Eclipse's body suddenly went limp, and he remained lifeless in Azul's grasp. Slowly Azul released his grip on Eclipse's neck, and uncoiled himself from around the Dragon's body. After a few moments, Azul turns his attention toward the now weakened Wyn, although she was standing strong, the very symbol of the strength of a Dragon. Little did Azul know Eclipse wasn't truly dead, and he would have caught on to Eclipse's little feint if he had checked to see if the Dragon still had a heartbeat. Eclipse slowly made his way to his feet, watching Azul with a hawk-like gaze, and a newly aquired stamina. He stealthily crawled his way behind Azul, who so happened to be gloating that he would reign supreme over this island. "Not in your life......foul serpent." Just as Azul heard the voice of the supposed-to-be-dead Dragon, he whirled around, only to be caught in the face with a tail swipe that cut deeply into the flesh of his cheek. Azul wheeled from the surprising quickness of Eclipse's attack, only to be met with a flurry of claw strikes, tail slashes, and wing smacks up until he was against the outside wall of Eclipse's home. Eclipse had no intention of letting Azul escape to harass another day, he would end this serpent's life right here, and make him a permanent ornament inside his cavern. Azul knew the desperation of his situation now, for Eclipse had somehow tapped into this well of energy vast enough to actually give the Dragon the strength to successfully kill him. He had to get away from here now, the jewel would have to wait, for it was not worth losing his life trying to attain. In a last-ditch effort to get the raging Eclipse off of him, Azul wrapped his tail around Eclipse, but not in an attempt to choke him. Instead, he whipped the furry tip into the Dragon's eyes, causing severe irritation, which then forcesd Eclipse to withdraw for the moment to clear his vision. It was then that Azul quickly made his escape, but not before sending a quick glare and a matching sneer Wyn's way for her meddling. Wynsteria: Wynsteria continues to stand proudly, watching as Eclipse takes full advantage of the gift she had given him. She prayed that he would win, but of course Azul had to play dirty. When the serpent starts to slither away, Wyn returns his glare with one of her own. She may look fragile and dainty in this form compared to her last- but that did not mean the warrioress' heart that has always beat beneath her chest had changed as well. She watches him move into the water, and she waits until his scent is no longer anywhere in the air before she finally releases herself. It took the little energy she had left to stand for so long. Her legs fall out beneath her, causing the female to land heavily upon them. Her entire body seems limp, save for that long graceful neck, which she continues to hold up. Not wanting Eclipse to know how badly off she was with her little trick, and she did not know if Azul still had eyes watching. This way, it looks as though she's merely tired from the death grip he had been giving her earlier. " He will return, but I'm sure you know this already. " Eclipse: "Indeed, he will return, unfortunately he never stays too far." Shortly after the confrontation is over, Eclipse witnessed as Wyn collapses from what is an obvious loss of strength, and rushes to her side. "That is twice you have saved my life, but I do not feel as though I deserve such treatment from you. Please recover the energy you have loaned to me. I cannot possibly thank you enough for your constant assistance." Eclipse bows his head toward Wyn, not only out of thanks, but for the shame that he still felt, and because he looked now up to her. He takes a step backward, and rests his belly upon the now packed snow of Crescent Isle to rest, and also to make sure that Wyn was not put in harm's way as long as she remained there. He then waited for Wyn to recover Eclipse's borrowed energy, gazing into her soft blue eyes and not wavering. He was not familiar with the technique that Wyn had used, but had all the intentions to learn, incase a situation like this were to arise, he could repay the favor. Azul had indeed snaked his way through the water, cursing himself all the way to the depths for not taking more care in sensing other presences. "I see that you have friends, pathetic Dragon. No matter! They will not be there forever, and when I feel it is the opportune time, I will return. You can count on that, little friend..." Azul made his way to the darkest part of the Sea of Serenity, for it was there that he resided, relishing in the absolute darkness that swallowed the seas there. Wynsteria: " While you may not love me, or ever have loved me... I cannot honestly say the same. Even though you have chosen another mate, I do not have the heart to see harm befall you. I suppose that a girl in love, no matter what creature she is, does foolish things. I thought perhaps that I could simply wish you away from my heart, but it's not as easy as pushing away memories. " Wynsteria's eyes stare into his own, the spell begins to reverse itself. She takes back all of her magic, but only half of her strength. She hoped that Eclipse wouldn't notice. She had taken back enough to replenish herself, but had left him enough to feel just as well as her. It would do no good if one of them was left weak. They could never just assume that Azul had really left as he appeared to have. And there were other creatures out to get the jewel as well. Who could say it wouldn't be one of those annoying days, when everything went wrong. Even though she had half of her strength back, and felt as though she could easily run around. She decides to settle down a little more comftrobly, laying upon her stomach in the snow. Tearing her eyes away from his, she stares out towards the Sea of Serenity. What an ironic title, when it held a creature of such evil, as Azul. Eclipse: Eclipse lowers his head upon hearing Wyn's statement, for he did not know the full extent of the pain he had caused her, he had an idea, for he still cared for her greatly. And even though he had another mate, he still felt heartbroken, for he had caused someone he cared for so much grief. After the transfer of magic and energy was complete, he saw that Wyn had quickly averted her gaze, only after getting comfortable on the snow. He curled his neck and tail around his body where he lay, and kept an eye on Wyn out of the corner of his eye. Although Wyn was not his mate, he was still fond of her company, and he still managed to get that.......feeling. More and more he regretted the decision he had made, for he was seeing that no one seemed to care for him more, even after all that he's put her through. "You are not my mate, but I will see to it that no harm befalls you, whether you like it or not." Eclipse whispered. He slowly closed his eyes, but kept his other senses as alert as ever. He still felt empty for the loss of Wyn, but he was happy that she at least stayed in his company, even if her loss was his own doing. {{ TO BE CONTINUED }} http://draconicwards.proboards88.com
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How sad, after all that he did to her, she still took care of him, and gave up her strength, so that he could pull through the battle!