Writing Sentences for my child

New Zealand
July 1, 2010 10:28pm CST
My seven year old girl is behind in her reading and doesn't seem to sometimes understand what she is reading about. She is also slow with her writing. Does anyone know of a good exercise or an idea of how I could help her with this? Any ideas will be helpful!
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@p3ks626 (6548)
• Philippines
2 Jul 10
I taught 7 year old kids when I was still a school teacher and I was able to handle situations like your daughter. We always encourage them and make them write even if they complain about it. We always give them a lot of exercises in writing and writing for her will definitely not help her. A tutor is also helpful. Sometimes kids dont take it seriously if the parents are the ones teaching them.
• United States
2 Jul 10
hooked on phonix or your baby can read are supposed to be really good. If you don't have that kidn of money then you can do stuff in the craoloa eisle. Look for cards that have letters on them I think they are called flash cards. walk through with her on what they are and how to pronounce. Do them often. If she gets frustrated put it down and come back to it. Don't frighten her cause then she might decide to not do anything and not work on it at all. You can also do stuff with white boards and they have stuff at retail stores for kids. Walmart.com or kmart.com has a lot of stuff for kids to learn. look at movies like dora and others that she might be interested in. also you can try activities that will help them remmeber sequences. The more you repeat things the more it helps. it's a draw and learn step thing. I found it over in the eisles with the home office supplies and crayons and stuff. It helps trust me. She is now working on her numbers past 20 and they start her on her shapes and math numbers. Go back to the basics. Hope this helps.