Do you agree that it is better to work in larger company than in a small one?

July 2, 2010 11:53pm CST
Many people like to work in small one because which could give so much chances for woking,in the larger company, you only could do some simple worker which is not for growing up. What about your opinion?
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@dian21 (606)
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
Working in small and big companies has their own advantages and disadvantages. In small companies, there's a bigger probability that you'll get promoted if you are really good because of less competitors. But most of the time if not always, they have less budget also. So I prefer working in a big company. Even if there are lots of competitors because of many employees, as long as you are qualified and really good, you can still be promoted, and with higher salary compared to working in a small company. These big companies also are more stable financially. So there is less chance of company closure.
@puccagirl (7294)
• Israel
3 Jul 10
I have worked for both big and small companies, and I by far prefer big ones, since they have bigger budgets to spend on perks and benefits for the workers, you have more oppportunities and you get to meet loads of interesting people.
@nanayangel (7879)
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
Hi there lanyoublue 2008! Well, it depends upon the company. With a big company, you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone if you ever want progress in your career. You will have to be competent and update your knowledge and skills and also acquire new ones if you want to move up the ladder. Also, a big company is usually more stable than small ones. So aside from stability, and room for growth, I think a latent end is being with lots of different kinds of people, knowing how to associate and relate to them. On a small company, you're most likely to get hands-on experience in lots of aspect of the business and you'll also develop closeness and tight bond with other co-workers if everything goes well. Still, I would go for big companies for the reasons mentioned above.