studying in big city or small

July 3, 2010 9:33am CST
I like studying in the big city. Some people like to study in the small city where is peaceful and could concentrate on learning more. However,I think the big city is more helpful for my growing. Firstly,studying in the big city means more chances.You could get more opportunitis for putting the theory into practice,such as attending so many activities which is helpful for communicating with others. Secondly,studying in the big city, you could get so many fresh information everyday,if in the small city, you coule be out of date quickly which is not for your future working. Finally,studying in the big city ,you could meet so many friend who come from different place which could enlarge your field of vision which is beneficial for yourself too. That's why I choose studying in the big city.
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• India
4 Jul 10
i belong to a small town where every facility is available.I love my city so much.And now to your qestion...........studying at small town is best due to peaceful environment, calm area and limited people not like those big cities where everything is like moving like jet amd on...... on
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• Philippines
4 Jul 10
Yes your right about studying in a small city being peaveful and where you could concentrate more. Its better to study in a small city where the temptations are far. But it doesnt really matter where we study, alot more factors are needed to be considered. If you can handle the life in a big city, why not study there, and that is right that there are more opportunities in a big city. Its also a matter of choosing your friends, if you can choose your friends right, then you wouldnt be near the temptations and danger in a big city.
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
It is not where you study but it depends on you. You may go to a very famous school in a big city but if you do not have the will to study then nothing will come out of it. You can study in a small community college but be the best and even top the other students from the big school. I have seen that happen in real life. Do not get me wrong I studied in the best school in the big city and I've had friends from moneyed family who studied there but never passed because they were lazy and thus never made it to graduation. I have friends who studied io our small community but they topped the licensure exam.