Do you go shopping at night?

July 3, 2010 11:41am CST
I go shopping at night only on week-ends.When we have visit from friends or relatives,we tend to organise group to go to supermarkets or fast food which are open till late at night. Other wise it is on the eve of christmas that we go shopping.....I don't like to go shopping at night because I fear the hooligans at the corner of the roads. What about you?
4 responses
@puccagirl (7308)
• Israel
4 Jul 10
No, I almost never do that, I have time to do it in the days usually, so I prefer that, to be honest.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
3 Jul 10
most of our stores close at 9 so we dont shop that much at night, unless we go grocery shopping.
• India
3 Jul 10
My hubby is busy with his shop. I go shopping with him only. He comes from shop after 7pm only. So most will go for shopping at night only. Sunday's for him leave. So will go for shopping on sunday's rarely...
@jhudy101 (373)
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
yeah i did but so seldom. what i like in shopping at night is that it isnt hot. and there arent much traffic so its convenient. just that like you im kinda afraid of the thieves hidden in the dark. Im afraid coz before I have seen a lady once, she is standing near the street and someone riding a motorcycle with much speed pass over her and grab her bag. nah it was such a horrible scenario. that is why i rather shop on day time. at least thieves are somehow afraid to do that in broad day light