Do you think travel with tourist guild is good?

July 4, 2010 12:25am CST
Some companies always organize the traveling for the welfare of the employees.Maybe you have travelled so many places in our country,however, so many people like to travel by themselves. Definitely,travelling with the tourist guild is so convenient ,who has arranged all the boring details for you,such as ordering the hotel,the route and some medical care,just as the your travelling assistant. However,travelling by yourself have three benefits which is economical, more time for pleasure and choosing more. Firstly,traveling by yourself is economical, you could order the hotel which has low price and suitable for yourself;besides, you could cut the cost for the fee of the guide.Last time, my parents go to taiwai had spent about 8,000 RMB,howver, comparing to my fee which is only 4,000,It is so big difference for the cost. Secondly,travelling by yourself is more pleasure.When travelling with the guild,you could just stay at a place for only short time,sometimes if you want to know the local culture more by communicate with the local people,there is no time, you have to go.The experience just like going to the market urgent.The purpose of relaxing in the trip dosen't reach.When coming back,feeling tried is normal phenomenon.On the other hand, if you travelling by yourself, the time spending in a place is more,how much you like for one time.When coming back, the body is energetic too. Finally,travlling by yourself is more choices.Making the route independently ,from one city to another is just up to you,needn't go to some place without interest which is more efficient for the whole trip and make full use of time. That's why I think travelling with tourist is not good choice.
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• Philippines
5 Jul 10
That really depends on the person's preference, if he/she wants convenience in their tour then they can let their travel agent arrange it with a guide. But if you love to try on challenges on different place then enjoy the trip and have a map to guide you. I am a travel agent but I do prefer arranging the tour myself it is much cheaper.