i just could not take it anymore

July 4, 2010 4:08am CST
I am for the past many days watching the front of my street being used for variuos imoral purposes, like every now and then u can see young buys coming in bikes and drinking alocohol and forming a group there and chatting, or since many cars are parked there some couples come for romance and i see some weird guys comming and meeting strange women in the night i am scared to walk by that road since that road has no homes and just our buliding facing it these characters use it as a hideout so finally i called up the police to day and complained today immediatly they came but these guys whom i saw had already left but they assuredd me they will come again if i see strange happeneings
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@chiyosan (30208)
• Philippines
13 Sep 10
that should be fine.. but you ought to be careful yourself when you are walking to that side of the road/street. you called the police and told them about these boys - not that i am scaring you but they just might know that it is you that called the police. It is correct that you are concerned of your place, and well that is just what everyone else should do. God Bless you.
@skysuccess (8880)
• Singapore
6 Jul 10
rubypatson, Since you've already reported them to the police, other than waiting for them to be caught - you will have to step up your vigilance and alertness to avoid any them. Try having someone accompany you home when you are coming home late, if not have a family member wait for you at your usual drop off point to accompany you home. I suppose prevention is better than cure here. So, instead of waiting for things to happen you can try and be more careful yourself.
@ddaguno (3107)
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
I think it was just proper that you asked the authorities for help. These people might have hurt somebody who is just passing by if you did not complain about them.