I am reading a book Of Perry Mason By Erle Stanley Gardner

July 4, 2010 4:22am CST
I just love reading and im reading some books of perry mason its really good to read these books nowadays i dont see younger generation reading books like we used to read i really feel its a great habit which must be cultivated by the younger generation what are your views on reading
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• Australia
5 Jul 10
My grandmother was a huge fan of the Perry Mason series and I have perused a book or two by Gardner in the past. But I have to politely disagree with your conclusion that the younger generation do not read books like we used to read. The Harry Potter series definitely gave rise to an insurgence where reading is concerned; and it was promoted as being a healthy, educational and cool past-time. And while books such as those by Rowling and Meyer's Twighlight series have the cult followings that they do, I believe that the habit is indeed being cultivated.
• India
5 Jul 10
Thanks for the response I can form an opion based on what i have seen so far, Very few are really into reading like before its because of the Internet and various other ways of passing time that all are not into reading anyways opinions differ have a great day
@tinym8 (402)
• United States
7 Jul 10
I have not read any of the Perry Mason books but I certainly liked the series on TV. I will have to try reading the books. I've been looking for a new author and that sounds like a promising series. The younger generation reads if their teachers and parents encourage them to read. They have to make it fun in some way for some of the children. I like the way that lots of libraries now are really encouraging reading and having book clubs, author visits, etc. for children. I think that really helps them become readers.
• Singapore
5 Jul 10
I really really like the Perry Mason series, it's the twist in the plot and surprising endings which never fail to enthrall me. There are now different kinds of media for reading, your younger generation may be reading a lot of stuff online which you didn't know about. I don't think they are reading less, but it's what they read that really matters.