Problem, it's so hard when internet is gone

@vycess (1588)
Saudi Arabia
July 4, 2010 4:39am CST
Our bill in our telephone is not yet settled or paid. And here I am, in a computer shop using a public computer in order to participate here in mylot. I hope soon we will gonna solve our financial problem. I already earned more 50 dollars on the net but it is still on paypal, I'm thinking not to withdraw it because it's the only thing that serves as my saving that I can really use in case of emergency.
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@de_toya (2431)
• Indonesia
6 Jul 10
You are right. It's very sucks if we don't have internet connection. I don't have internet connection at home but I always access internet in my office. It's very sucks when our internet connection is not available due to bad connectivity. I suggest you to withdraw your money in paypal then save them in your local bank account. I have a doubt with paypal. My friend's account has been limited by paypal even though his account was verified. He didn't get any explanation why it could happen and he don't know how to resolve this problem I don't want it happen to you. I have withdraw my money yesterday and I would receive it in Friday. I don't want my account be frozen while I have money there.
@jagjit273 (1753)
• India
4 Jul 10
Well i pray to god that your bills are settled soon and you could use internet at home and work more here on My Lot.Yes dont use that money so soon. have i nice day Vycess. can we be friends My yahoo id is
@sirrob (4109)
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
The thing is, it is still in Paypal and it it not earning anything each month if you are just talking of savings. On the other hand, will you be able to get it fast when the real emergency comes? I believe not. Think about it and I am sorry to hear about your financial turmoil. Just be optimistic and hopeful.
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
I know you can overcome those problems. Just keep on praying to GOD for guidance and keep on doing what you need to do to survive those trials.
@ddaguno (3107)
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
Sorry to hear that. I hope you solve your financial problems. Just keep praying for an answer. God will see you through