Can anyone recommend short-term task sites?

July 4, 2010 9:26am CST
I know some sites offer the option of doing something for them, e.g writing a short review or posting something for them but can anyone recommend some good sites? Thanks in advance.
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@jane239 (521)
4 Jul 10
I like Mechanical Turk which is an Amazon owned site. I haven't done much with it lately but I've earned getting on for $200. The only problem is their limited pay out options. They'll pay into your bank account if you're based in the States or India but everywhere else it's Amazon vouchers. I buy from Amazon all of the time so I take the vouchers and save the money I would have spent or I buy some cds or dvds and sell them on if I can make a profit on them. I've just signed up to Microworkers. That looks promising and has a $10 pay out.
4 Jul 10
Thanks for this. I have signed up to both Mturks and Microworkers. Will let everyone know how I got on with them through my soulcast blog. PM me or add me as a friend for details.
@maean_19 (4655)
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
Do you have passion on writing? If you do, then you can try This is not a referral link, it is just a website. It is a freelance writing site. Check it out and read the site in order for you to know how it works.
4 Jul 10
I love writing. It's something that I would really like to turn into a full-time career! Thanks for recommending this site, I'll check it out. As you know of this I take it you enojy writing to? Have you taken the writer beaura course? Thanks
@Downwindz (2537)
• Netherlands
4 Jul 10
Microworkers is a great site offering small tasks and they pay :) Right now im waiting for my pincode to arrive by mail to I can withdraw my first earnings by PayPal.
@stellak12 (384)
• Cyprus
4 Jul 10
If you like writing try triod. The best sort task site I know is microworkers.. There many PTSU where you can earn fast :) Cheers!
@alchan72 (67)
• India
5 Jul 10
Adding my two cents to all the tips you ahve already got, try writing reviews of anything at Shvoong, and reviwstream. Write articles at triond, bukisa, hubpages, constant content etc. You hve enrolled at faverite for small jobs :) Join peoplestring. If you interested in writing etc, try Youmay want to try freelancing sites like elance, odesk etc......just DONOT pay for regiestering at a freelancing careful! All the best!!
@puccagirl (7294)
• Israel
4 Jul 10
Hi, have you seen the tasks here on MyLot? They sound exactly like what you are looking for, so start out with checking them out! There isn't always a lot of tasks available, but they come up every once in a while. Crowdcloud on Facebook is supposed to be good too, I hear!
4 Jul 10
O.K cheers, I'll certainly start by checking them out :)Thanks for posting