If you say you work from home ...

South Africa
July 4, 2010 11:41am CST
What kind of work do you do? I am busy compiling a site about home based business opportunities and would love to see what you guys are up too. Technology has opened so many doors for people that I am simply amazed at how many new kinds of jobs/services/products come available on a daily basis. Here is a list of things I do, just to get it started: 1. Rental estate agent 2. Digital invitations 3. Freelance work on oDesk, vWorker 4. Off course typing some stuff here, Xomba, squidoo and hubpages 5. Running my own sites 6. Setting up domains and sites for other people All from home and in my pj's :-) So, what do you do?
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• Philippines
5 Jul 10
the funny thing is i'm not earning doing a real job, but i earn just for having fun, like thru playing games and all. i just log in at this site whenever i can which is most of the time lol, and then just chat with other members, play games, or guess the winning mlb teams. it's so easy.
• South Africa
5 Jul 10
That sounds great. But, do you earn enough for the effort? I'm just wondering seeing as I've done so much research and have only found one place where I feel my effort is rewarded in a fair way.
@puccagirl (7294)
• Israel
17 Oct 10
I agree, a big part of earning online for me too, is about having fun. I only spend time on earnings that I enjoy. So that way online earning has become a bit of a hobby for me, which is just wonderful!
@icegermany (2524)
• India
5 Jul 10
quite a good work you have gathered and i hope that you might be earning well. i only write at mylot that is sometimes and now i want to try out triond and i have recently started from about 3-4 days but i find the earnings are very low there and i havent tried the freelance site what you have mentioned, if you can please give me the details about those and what we need to do there. i really want to do some online earnings but i think its going to be very difficult to get good sites and also the sites where we can join and work easily.
• South Africa
5 Jul 10
You could visit http://money.sa-linx.co.za I am adding all the 'make money online' sites there as I go along.