Will It work??

July 4, 2010 1:24pm CST
Hello mylotters I am just thinking to develop a security system for RSS feeds. Many web scrapers steal web content from the site's RSS feed. So they get more visits to their site. Why I am sharing this is I just want to know some views. ie.,So Will it work If I develop and Sell application to website owners? If I sell my application to this kind of site owners Will they subscribe and BUY for securing their content?? I want suggestion since I 'm jobless but currently doing TRADING in Share Market. And I am good in programming so thought to do some project but if it succeeds then it will be a regular income and also it may become more useful to all website owners. What do you think Whther will they buy if I explain the need of this. I feel this is must to all site owners.
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@aguas_aj (501)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
I don't own a website, but I think that adding a security feature in RSS is really great. The only problem is how you are going to sell it. Some of the AV companies offers their security software for free for a period and once they hit the charts thats the time they do subscriptions.
• India
5 Jul 10
I do the same as shareware . trial period once it reaches they may subscribe. And what do you mean of AV companies?? you meant Anti Virus companies or Audio Visual companies? And if it is antivirus or audio visual then , I have no problem for securing RSS content becoz this security system for RSS content not anti virus things. Preventing your content steal from RSS feeds of your site. for ex: this is our mylot RSS feed http://rss.mylot.com/recentdiscussions.rss if you open in browser you will get recent discussions and It is possible to steal the content. they may put in another sites. Usually scrapers take contents from here and there and they make their site with articles and news. So It is not possible to find out who threat the system before implement my security system. Once they use this then, your content cannot be extracted from RSS feed. I am just giving some explanation for your understand. If you already know then just ignore it, and thanks for your reply. And I want to know what you meant AV companies??